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I Sustain Beauty



I Sustain Beauty is a campaign that collects and awards personal and volunteer projects that make the world a more beautiful place for all.
At Davines and Comfort Zone we believe that beauty can change people’s life. Every day we support this ideal with our products and by creating projects dedicated to people and the environment. The balance between Beauty and Sustainability drives our actions and we want to inspire those around us to do the same.

I Sustain Beauty is for those who, like us, believe in Beauty all the way and contribute either personally or as a volunteer to make the world better through projects which positively impact environment, society, arts and culture.


The most deserving project submitted during the campaign will receive from Davines and Comfort Zone an in-kind prize worth 10,000 Euro.

How to participate

From June 2017 to 31 March 2018 you can participate by uploading your project directly to this website’s PARTICIPATE section. You don’t have a project? Encourage people to care for what they love and the environment where they live. Visit the Gallery and click to LIKE your favorite projects.

What is needed to participate

  • Upload to the Participate section an exhaustive description of the project, in English.
  • Attach 2 good quality images or a video representing what you have created.

Selection criteria

At the end of April 2018, a Davines and Comfort Zone internal jury will select the most deserving project according to the following criteria:
  • Coherence with Davines and Comfort Zone values
  • Level of personal engagement
  • Impact of the project on people

Become a beauty sustainer!

The most deserving project will receive an in-kind prize of 10,000 euro worth of materials, tools and support consistent with the project presented.

The person responsible for the winning project will be celebrated on stage at the World Wide Hair Tour (link), a Davines event that gathers the whole hairdresser community and industry professionals from all over the world. The winner will have the opportunity to present their story in a video and will become for all practical purposes the testimonial of the next edition of I Sustain Beauty.

When there is beauty everyone knows it. This is why special mentions will be nominated - one of those chosen directly by the whole Davines and Comfort Zone community dedicated to the Best Social Project* – or the project that received in this edition the highest number of likes from the users. Help your favourite project to be recognized!

Encourage people to care for what they love and their living environment: visit the Gallery and like your favourite projects. You have until March 31, 2018.

*Expressing a preference for a project by clicking like does not affect the internal jury’s decision in selecting the most deserving project.