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I Sustain Beauty

Our project

Water is a primary and vital need, which we often take for granted. Still today almost 1 person out of 10 does not have access to a source of clean water. However, the water crisis can be solved. Comfort Zone makes its contribution in promoting social responsibility by bringing clean water to a developing country. In cooperation with charity: water, a non-profit organisation with more than 16,000 projects implemented in 24 countries, Comfort Zone sponsors the construction of BioSand Filters) to supply clean water to a whole community in Cambodia, thus bringing huge benefits for the economic and social development of the area.

1% For the Planet connects businesses to environmental non-profit organizations to donate 1% of their sales directly to a cause they support: from protection of wild life, to ground preservation to save water and reduce pollution. Davines North America offers 1% of its online sales to Glynwood, an argriculture and training organization based in New York, whose mission is to ensure the Hudson Valley's prosperity.