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I Sustain Beauty


Mara Galeazzi

Dancer, Oman

Mara has danced across international stages, including 10 years as the principal dancer for London's Royal Ballet. Her other passion is helping children in Africa through Dancing for the children

Belgin Aksoy

Wellness activist, Turkey

Balgin's admirable career in the spa industry was not enough. So with dreams of spreading wellness around the World, she founded Global Wellness Day. On June 11, 2016, 73 countries will embrace this single life-changing day.

Aldo Signoretti

Hair designer, Italy

Aldo has made a behind-the-scenes life, designing hair for the iconic characters of famous movies like Moulin Rouge, Apocalypto and Gangs of New York. His inspired work elevates the dreams that only movies can create.

Gundula Deutschlander

Guide to Babylonstoren Gardens, Sud Africa

For years she has been taking care of the wonderful Babylonstorena Garden in Cape Town, a true paradise on Earth where more than three hundred varieties of plants grow, with a sustainable cultivation method. A place where humans and nature are in perfect balance.

Matteo Thun

Architect and Designer, Italy

Three-time winner of the award «Compasso d’oro», his work suggests it has originated from the critical revisiting of the context , with an inexhaustible innovative tension, maximizing environmental sustainability and saving energy without sacrificing refined aesthetic research.

Toto Bergamo Rossi

Director of the Venetian Heritage Foundation, Italy

Safeguards and promotes masterpieces of the highest level by raising awareness about the difficulties in preserving the artistic and cultural heritage of Venice, with the purpose of spreading all over the world knowledge of the beauty of this city, a Unesco heritage site.

Davide Bollati

Chairman of Davines and Comfort Zone, Italy

Pharmacist and cosmetologist, one of the most important business inspirations for him is the passion for sustainable beauty, which is a combination of technology and respect for the environment which today is at the core of the company business.